Edition 2024

The Championship

The 2024 Pâté-Croûte World Championship will take place in several stages, including :

– Equipped with their 4 complete Pâtés (80 slices), the first to be sliced during the examination and the second to be presented on a tray to the jury and then tasted during the Gala evening.

Application form

    Your profile photo* (copyright-free, max. 3 MB)

    Your presentation file or CV* (pdf format, max. 3 MB)

    Your recipe for the pre-selection stage

    Imposed theme: Meat base Pâté-Croûte without truffle

    Photos of your recipe

    Please make sure to provide pictures of the best quality. Sliced Pâté-Croûte should be placed on a white plate when photographed. Required formats: jpg, gif, png, pdf. Maximum 3 Mb per file. One photo minimum.

    ✔️ I, the undersigned, hereby certify on my honour the accuracy of the above information and accept in full the terms and conditions of the World Pâté Croûte Championship rules. By sending this application form, I hereby apply to take part in the 2024 event.