Edition 2023

The Championship

The 2023 Pâté-Croûte World Championship will take place in several stages, including :

– Equipped with their 4 complete Pâtés (80 slices), the first to be sliced during the examination and the second to be presented on a tray to the jury and then tasted during the Gala evening.

Application form

    Your profile photo* (copyright-free, max. 3 MB)

    Your presentation file or CV* (pdf format, max. 3 MB)

    Your recipe for the pre-selection stage

    Imposed theme: Meat base Pâté-Croûte without truffle

    Photos of your recipe

    Please make sure to provide pictures of the best quality. Sliced Pâté-Croûte should be placed on a white plate when photographed. Required formats: jpg, gif, png, pdf. Maximum 3 Mb per file. One photo minimum.